See Kristen Bell Drink Wine, Spy on Neighbors in ‘The Woman in the House’ Trailer

Kristen Bell questions her reality in the teaser for the upcoming black comedy The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, which will premiere on Jan. 28.

In the Netflix series, which sends up psychological thrillers, Bell plays Anna, a woman who likes her glasses of wine filled up to the top and spying on her neighbors. When a new neighbor (actor Tom Riley) moves into the house across the street with his daughter, Anna can’t help but watch them. But when she reports witnessing a murder in the house, nobody believes her. Her therapist tells her not to mix pills with her wine, and the police tell her she can’t make false reports, causing her to become so nervous she drops a full casserole of food and makes one hell of a ridiculously mixed metaphor: “I just feel like I’m falling apart like a house of cards, like sandcastle and the tide has come in, like a rickety chair, or an old jalopy, I don’t know.” Other than that dialogue snippet and the comically long title, everyone in the teaser plays it straight. The series’ tagline is, “When it rains, she pours.”

Bell is one of the show’s executive producers along with Will Ferrell. The show’s creators are Rachel Ramras (Nobodies), Hugh Davidson (Robot Chicken, Nobodies), and Larry Dorf (Nobodies).

In a statement, Bell teased “a big juicy cameo right at the end” of the series. “I’ve just never seen anything like it,” she said of the twist.

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