Sylvester Stallone Clears Out the Storage Locker as ‘Rocky,’ ‘Rambo’ Items Sell at Auction

An array of Sylvester Stallone memorabilia — including original script pages for Rocky and ephemera from Rambo — fetched six-figure prices during a sale at Julien’s Auctions over the weekend.

The biggest sale from the Property from the Life and Career of Sylvester Stallone was a spiral-bound notebook in which Stallone began to work out the script for his 1976 Best Picture winner, Rocky. The notebook features handwritten plot details, scene specifications, character concepts, and dialogue; it was expected to sell for $50,000 but ended up going for $437,500.

Other big-ticket items from the Rocky franchise included the American flag shorts Stallone wore in the final Rocky III bout against Mr. T’s Clubber Lang ($200,000) and some original Rocky artwork signed by Stallone ($112,500). Handwritten notes for various Rocky sequels sold in the five-figure range, as did a few other boxing items (gloves and boots) worn by Stallone in Rocky III. A gold record Stallone received after the Rocky soundtrack sold over 500,000 copies even netted $21,875.

The auction also featured plenty of items from Stallone’s other main franchise: Rambo. Topping them all was a #1 of 13 custom “Hero” knife made by knife smith Jimmy Lile for Rambo: First Blood, which netted $128,000. While there were a few costume pieces from the Rambo series up for sale as well, maybe unsurprisingly, it was the weaponry that netted the highest prices: Another custom “Hero” survival knife sold for $51,200, a rubber M60 machine gun stunt prop sold for $16,000, and an original “MK-9” knife — charmingly nicknamed “The Heartstopper” — sold for $32,000.

Beyond Rocky and Rambo, the Stallone sale featured a Gianni Versace-designed “Judge Dredd” costume made for exhibition purposes at Planet Hollywood ($11,250); an ax handle from the Seventies flick F.I.S.T. signed by Stallone and other cast members ($11,520), and a Luminor Panerai 1950 Regatta Rattrapante wristwatch Stallone wore in The Expendables ($19,200). 

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