Post Malone and the Weeknd Take Each Other Out in Bloody ‘One Right Now’ Music Video

Whoever is tasked with cleaning up the bloodshed from Post Malone and the Weeknd’s savage new music video for “One Right Now” is really in for a challenge. The Tanu Muino-direct video casts the pair as vengeful enemies in the elabroate scenario.

While the single marks Post Malone and the Weeknd’s first collaboration, they easily match each other’s energy and affinity for world-building music videos. The latter’s character battles his way through swaths of security protecting the former in an all-out gun battle that ultimately takes them both down.

“You say you love me but I don’t care/That I broke my hand on the same wall that you told me that he fucked you on,” they sing on the song’s chorus, except, in practice, things get much more violent than just a broken hand.

The video adds to the ever-growing cinematic universe of the Weeknd being bloodied and bruised in the name of performance. Just last week, he let Rosalía shove a sharp blade through his abdomen in the official video for their collaboration “La Fama.” The After Hours era might have come to an end, but those bandages the singer spent the last year wrapped up in still seem to come in handy.

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