Watch Taylor Swift and Pete Davidson Roast ‘Three Sad Virgins’ on ‘SNL’

While Taylor Swift was this week’s Saturday Night Live musical guest, she also made a surprise appearance in Pete Davidson’s sketch titled “Three Sad Virgins.” In the musical parody, Davidson roasted the Please Don’t Destroy comedy trio of John Higgins, Ben Marshall and Martin Herlihy who denied being virgins.

Though Davidson claimed the song was about them, he quickly called them out directly and added that they didn’t have “any swag.” As Davidson’s friends protest, he says they just need to get to the bridge of the track: “I thought this would be a fun thing for all of us — if not, let’s just end it.”

Soon enough, Swift hilariously crashes the song and calls one of Davidson’s friends a “sad Ron Weasley” and adds that he looks like a “Big Bird who lost all his feathers.” She quickly moves onto the comedian’s other friend who she describes as having “the sex appeal of a scarecrow.”

While caressing one of their faces Swift sang, “Because they’re three sad virgins — what? Three sad virgins, ohhh,” before closing the sketch with “and they’re going to die alone.”

Though Swift was this week’s musical guest, she pulled double duty in the past as host back in 2009 while promoting her album Fearless.

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