‘The USA Is a Radicalized Mess’: Trump Whines About Bannon Indictment

Almost two days after his close ally and former chief strategist was indicted, former President Donald Trump took to Twitter (through a spokesperson, the only way he can) to complain about it.

“This country has perhaps never done to anyone what they have done to Steve Bannon and they are looking to do it to others, also,” Trump said in a statement publicized by Liz Harrington on Sunday.

Trump is correct, at least in that the committee is getting ready to do to others what it did to Bannon. Also on Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who sits on the House committee investigating Jan. 6, said the panel is “quickly” moving to prepare a recommendation for criminal charges to the Department of Justice against Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, for not complying with a congressional subpoena. Bannon, Meadows and Jeffrey Clark, a Trump Justice Department official, have thus far refused to comply with the committees requests by claiming executive privilege.

Trump continued his whining statement, meandering into the topic of international relations and, of course, decrying the “woke” left and “open borders.”

“If they would be so tough with China, Russia, and the world, who no longer respects us, maybe our country would not be failing at a level at which we have never seen before,” Trump wrote. “We never talk about making our country great, and it is now heading in an unthinkable direction with the Afghanistan withdrawal, open borders, inflation, woke everything, and so much more.”

On Nov. 8, the House select committee has subpoenaed a flurry of additional individuals in Trump’s orbit, including disgraced former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, conservative attorney John Eastman (who wrote a now infamous memo with suggestions on how Trump could overturn the election), former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller, 2020 Trump campaign manager Bill Stepian, Trump campaign assistant Angela McCallum and Bernie Kerick, a former New York City police commissioner who was pardoned by Trump. The very next day, they announced 10 more subpoenas, including ones for former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and former White House personnel director John McEntee.

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